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Maybe it's because ublock origin and nano adblocker are already blocking trackers and the icon is not showing if there is nothing to block.


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in filter list
Multifunctional clears everything,intimacy clears everything,ads clear adguard mobile ads,built-in disables ublock filters experimental and privacy
and now ok inclusiv for
but for not work :(


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I tried Firefox with only the built-in ad blocking and tracking on. It seems very aggressive and blocks parts of some sites I don't want to be blocked. With Adguard, everything is OK even if I don't disable the built-in tools.


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^with adguard for windows or extension?
and what filters you have activate ?
in you see the shield icon of ETP in firefox 69 ?
i can see any diference in adguar (cost 54 euro for liftime) and ublock origin +nano adblocker
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With ublock origin and nano adblocker the shield icon Enhanced Tracking Protection not show !
First, why are you using µBO and Nano Adblocker together? They are basically the same thing. Just use one of them and disable the built-in TP because extensions will block first before built-in tracking protection.

Firefox's Tracking Protection is not an adbloker, that's not its purpose. It blocks some trackers and as a result blocks some ads too. For complete adlocking experience you should still use an adblocker like uBlock Origin.
Built-in Tacking Protection in Edge Dev, etc. works same way = tracking protection which will block some ads. Depending on which setting is chosen it may cause some site breakage.

Edit: @Back3 if you're using Adguard extension then using it with built-in should be fine. This is the proper way to use the two together: built-in + adblocker like @SeriousHoax explained. If you use desktop Adbuard, then disable the built-in.