ESET Internet Security 10 : Recommended settings

Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
Your rules are not correct! with such rule, every 30 sec you have an ugly alert from HIPS.
1-Because the windows stuff tries to write To C.
2-When you browse the web the browser want to write to his folders(Again C).
3-It will make a lot of alerts If you want to install an App!Also a lot of pain for user:notworthy:
I have no idea why did you create such rules!?
If someone wants the right way to protect his files with Eset Hips:
Place your important files on somewhere and inside a folder then set a block rule for all file operation! like I put my Text files on D:\new folder\example.rtf and set block rules for this file via HIPS. don't forget that Eset Hips will not protect your files from access or only protect from writing to file or delete the file(doesn't work/probably bug?!).
There is another bug in Eset Hips that Auto allow an operation if you don't answer the alert in provided time(around 45 sec)!So an ask rule for your files is the worst thing that you can do lol! it should be a block rule not ask because the asks rule will auto allow the access so ransomware will encrypt your files if you don't answer the alert fast(as I said about 45 sec) I used to answer Eset alerts fast!
I use Easy File Locker(but also Eset hips) which protects my files in a better way than Eset!
i just gave you another reason that why you shouldn't pay for any Av:giggle::cautious:
What free programs do you use or recomend?


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Apr 1, 2017


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Jan 2, 2018
Can anyone tell me why ESET does not incorporate these type of "hardened" settings as default settings? The y don't seem to decrease the performance.
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Apr 7, 2016

I'm late but I'll catch up :)

One question. I'm not using any desktop email client (using only web based emails) so should I disable EVERYTHING under the 'Email Client Protection' section. This will include the

Email Clients
Email Protocols
Threatsense Parameters
Alerts and Notifications
Antispam Protection
Antispam Address Book

My thinking is that disabling all those not needed will help to speed up ESET. Parental Control is another example which I disabled since I'm the only one using my tablet

Thanks again
I do exactly the same. I don't wanna use the protection when I dont use desktop e mail clients, so I can't see any problem with that.