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Sep 2, 2021
Seems like KVRT is needed for every AV. So will stay with Kaspersky, without needing any additional AVs. :D

Be careful, an antivirus will never protect you at 100% ;)
It is especially very careful to pay attention to what you download, to make your updates and especially to use some cleaning tools in addition to your antivirus.

Kaspersky is excellent, it is the antivirus that I use. But you also have others that are also very good, like F-Secure, WiseVector etc, don't forget them ;)


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Nov 21, 2022
when throw large numbers of malwares at f-secure, it handles scan or automatic detection well
the f-secure alert notification (toast flyout) can become overwhelmed and stop, but not a problem as clean up proceeds
with huge number of quarantine files, when open quarantine gui it does not respond for a while

this are really not issues as gui not designed to handle 7500+ rapid events
clear events does not happen until close and re-open


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