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    I am facing issues with F Secure, i can't make to enable real time protection,(having messages from windows to enable f-secure protection via restart and nothing happens.)After a while same message keep popping up(Your system is unprotected).I tried to do it manually from Windows protection settings with no luck.Also i can't update virus definitions from F Secure.Anyone facing the same?
    Make sure you can login on your F-Secure account and that your machine/system is added. Re-installations etc you should contact F-Secures support first.

    Contact F-Secure support | F-Secure


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    I can login with my account and everything is fine, i unistalled and reinstalled again nothing. For some reason it is always disabled from windows.
    if still issues i would recommend using windscribe, thats what i used to make mine.
    Also make a new email using or such.
    Shouldnt be any issues.
    And make sure you uninstall any old f-secure software first and such