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Jan 1, 2019
I've tried three different VPN and it tells me This code is not valid in your country or from this Internet connection.
Yes I have tried their FREEDOME vpn and changing my time zone to London but it is not working I think they have figure out that non virgin media costumers are also using this. I think we need to find a virgin media costumer and ask him to make account with Temp Mail.:cautious:;)


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Dec 15, 2018
Ha! I tried it again (without deleting cookies -- hadn't gotten that far into the thread yet) and got the Not valid in your country blah blah and 5 minutes later I get an email from F-Secure with the subject: You are no longer protected. Browser fingerprinting or what, I mean I used a VPN..

Edit: I should mention the first time I tried it I got the "not valid in your country/etc" page so I left the deal alone for a couple weeks. Then I got the above when retrying it a few minutes ago. I've cleared my cookies many times since I tried it a couple of weeks ago.
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Aug 29, 2016
I dont know which vpn to use anymore, tried 10 mozilla browsers, cleaned cookie and cache, if i could i used privacy mode and nothing.

Edit: Now i tried atleast 7 different UK proxys and nothing :( always this Screenshot
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Jul 6, 2017
i used privacy possum to stop finger printing on chrome. although, i got it slightly earlier. :giggle:
privacy possum I have it installed and nothing. 2019-02-01_14-11-52.png
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