Updates Firefox Tweaker 2.4 released with Megabar control! (2020-06-06)


Level 15
Nov 26, 2016
After endless problems with dumb Megabar introduced with Firefox 75 and enforced with Firefox 77, I've finally done a full hack that turns of this idiotic Mega bar once again. This time with extra switch and custom CSS code. Because thank you Mozilla!

Firefox Tweaker 2.4 changelog:
  • Redesigned “Disable new oversized URL bar” which now uses userChrome.css style sheet in order to disable the god awful oversized dumbass new URL bar. Thank you userChrome.org for providing one.
  • Added mechanism to backup existing userChrome.css . It will still overwrite it entirely anyway when doing tweaks, but it’s there so you won’t lose all your own tweaks. Sorry, but this is the most I can do. Say thanks to Mozilla which forced me to do this god damn hack to disable their new URL bar.
Firefox Tweaker micropage with more details and download:


Level 3
Mar 30, 2018
Mozila has only been embarrassed by her updates, her browser is getting slower and slower. But I decided to give it one more chance (I know I will regret it and uninstall it next time), but F-Secure didn't like its tool sdsd.png :p