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Dec 3, 2017
feature request:
adding an ip address such as google dns to options/ip addresses/allowed internet addresses/exclude blocks them (tested with cmd line ping)

But i would like an option to show an alert when the blocked ip address is called.

I like to know how often and when google dns is polled as i use my pihole dns server as default and dont like it being overidden.
Outpost FW had this option.

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Oct 29, 2017
Hi @tnodir, I installed your FortFirewall (FF) and must say:

1. Thank you and kudos!... you're doing a great job.

2. I'm not an expert, and without reading this forum nor the wiki, it took me just a few minutes to understand 80% of your FF, because it's intuitive and simple to use it.

3. FF is lightweight in terms of hardware resources. I'm comparing it with other similar software, and until now, FF beats its competitors.

4. It's good to see that you're always working, improving and updating FF. Several competitors are partially/totally abandoned software.

5. It's beautiful the FF capability of controlling different svchost instances.

Now, if possible, please let me share some requests:

a. It'll be nice to have pre-built user profiles ("Home", "Office", "Gamer", "Paranoid" etc). I love to test software, and I love to read forums/wikis, but when I'm comparing different software at the same time, I can't read everything, so a pre-built profile will save me a lot of time/work. Also, in real world, average users are not experts, and most of them don't know how/what to allow, how/what to block etc.

b. For the same reason, also it'll be nice to have different pre-built options for different programs ("Browser", "App", "Game", "Microsoft" etc). As far as I know, it's not good to have all programs with same generic allow/block "ports", "UDP/in/out", "TCP/in/out". Yeah, I know that at FF it's possible to customize "zones", "rules" etc. But average users have no clue how to control "ports", "UDP/in/out", "TCP/in/out", etc, and it'll help to have pre-configured options for different programs.

c. Some of the FF competitors have additional firewall security tools. At their webpages, these FF competitors are making a lot of marketing noise about these firewall tools. If they're not just bloatware, then it'll be amazing to see in FF the same or similar additional security firewall tools.

Thank you once again.
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Apr 19, 2022
@Decopi Thank you for kind words.

It's important to have success stories too, because some users think that FF still has driver instabilities (as it was in old version written in this thread).

a. ...
b. ...
Thanks, added to TODO.

c. Some of the FF competitors have additional firewall security tools.
There are already many tasks in TODO.

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