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This is the config of my main PC.

On my laptop im currently running Kubuntu 14.04 but i will install Ubuntu 14.10 tomorrow or i'll wait till the new Linux Mint. When i'm using my Laptop in public places (especially open networks) i'll use my VPN connection, just to be sure ;-).


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Hello and welcome..
Here's my recommendations:
- Enable UAC
- Don't use MBAM in real-time, no need. More as an on-demand scanner (add HitmanPro, also)
- Add following addons to your browser: WOT & HTTPS Everywhere.

I don't know if you're already using it, but CCleaner is necessary for cleaning your internet traces..
Of course, if you practice your Common Sense (you mentioned in Any other software), you're okay!!
Thanks for sharing!


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I would enable UAC
Use MBAM as and on demand scanner and add a couple more on demand scanners such as Emsisoft Emergency KIT,ESET Online Scanner and or Hitman Pro
CCleaner or Privazer if your not already using one or the other
Add HTTPS Everywhere to FF
Nice config!! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
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I also had the good and UAC disabled , it is now more annoying , but you are more informed about the security of your computer.
I'm using Xubuntu and Manjaro , the above use for bank and public connections , I would recommend you wait a bit before installing 14.10 version to ensure smooth operation.
Welcome and remember, MalwareTips may be addictive


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I find UAC kinda annoying so i disable it always (on my own machines), it might be safer to use it but i chose not to ;-).

Thanks for the WOT and https everywhere tip, i had WOT in the past but i feel i kinda don't need it.
Also using Ccleaner ;-).

Again, thanks for the tips.