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or maybe you just don't know that you were infected.

Please don't take offense to my comment. I'm only trying to make a point.

I'm a Cyber Security Analyst and for many, many years, I've heard quite a few of my clients say "My computer is fine. I've never been infected." In most of those cases, I scanned their system and found one or more infections. My supervisor at one company also made the same claim.... with the same results. The point is, we can never be 100% sure our systems are not infected.
Lol yes, when you're using an antivirus like MSE which is so sub par in detection, you'll *never* know if you're infected or not :D


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MSE did change the history of the av's, even though laitely it doesn't preform so good it is still one of my favorites.

and yes I've been using MSE since it was announced up until 4 moths ago with no problems. I've just changed to 360IS not because of the detection rate but coz its very very light almost zero resources.

and yeh i would still be using it if 360IS will be discontinued

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I use paid but only because on "Black Friday" every year, the bargains are there; (example)...WebrootSecurity Complete for $9.95 (5 computers), ESET-NOD 32, Bitdefender....on and on....under $10 for example. Almost like Christmas. And I want to support them a small bit.
P.S. That's not to say free products aren't good because many are...excellent in some cases!
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is it really important
whether you Paid AV / IS used?

I believe that it is important
the programmers AV / IS supports will

I think,it is pity
there is no project from AV / IS
are the how PrivatZer with a
Donate version works

I have such projects
always with pleasure
also with donate supports


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Always free, I feel like paid AV = scam (they don't offer the protection they say on website, it is 99% marketing.)

If anyone wanna test what I said, install on a VM infect with some malware (don't use mdl and other similar sites), keep the VM working for 3-4 days and you will see that the AV didn't do anything (If you where lucky and got a patcher you will clean that with a Rescue Disk, not your AV).

I use : 360 Total Security + HitmanPro.Alert


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Free softwares combination
Avira Free + Comodo Firewall+ Malwarebytes Free for Windows XP installation
Baidu Antivirus + Comodo Internet Security for Windows 7 Installation....
..... can't remember, when my PC was infected last time ...
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