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Dec 31, 1969
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Both my front audio ports detect devices I plug in. The issue is, both sides play at the same time even if the panning options are set to the middle to play both right and left. If I pan all the way to the right and test the right speaker for sound, it would result in both sides playing. Testing left would mute both naturally. Panning all the way to the left does the same thing. Plays both sides, if the left speaker is tested and naturally would mute both if the right is tested.

Microphones work with no problems and other devices are still being detected aside from the panning problem. All other headset experience the same panning issue including phone headsets.
Steps taken, but unsuccessful?
I have installed the latest Realtek drivers, the back panel is working perfectly but my wired headset isn't that long which is why I'd prefer to use the front audio panels. Front panel audio HDA wire is connected to JAUD1. I believe it is seated correctly since that's the only way to place it. Front panel, USB and power options have no issues.


Level 19
umm it seems to be that this a software problem... please try to uninstall manually the sound drivers by going to the device manager just go to start and type "device manager" and left click on the sound hardware them click on uninstall once you are done proceed to uninstall all other files from the control panel. Then try to install it again. some times when you install a new version over an old one what it does is just to replace the old files with the new ones and the OS doesn load all the entries correctly... please try to connect all the ports required to your motherboard based on its manual.
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