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Apr 16, 2017
I have a win10 21H2 running ESET, but also Freedome. I wanted to run FS online scan as a 2d opinion. Why not? I'm in SUA account, ran online scanner (run as admin) and after a few seconds I got a popup
>>pending scan with restart request was found. please restart your computer to continue<<
Is this popup directly related to online scanner? if so, why? my initial research indicates this is usually related to a windows update snafu, but not aware of that. The fix for that is a registry tweak but not in the mood for that without some specific instructions. If windows update related, why should the FS scanner care? And, eg, I run NPE, KVRT occasionally, with no problem. This leads me back to this is FS online scanner issue, and perhaps there is a registry key related to FS scanner that I can tweak. Any ideas? PS I also posted at FS forum, my first post there. Thanks.
FIXED: or solved! the pending reboot scan error was directly caused by FS online scanner, BUT not a flaw, rather a limitation. It either must be, or prefers, to run from admin account (& not from SUA_run_as_admin). When I logged in as admin, the Online scanner window opened with a friendly "continue" button to click, and scan completed :D It found one (1) harmful item: redirected hosts file. Perhaps that was a fa'se+ as a few minutes before I ran NPE, it found nothing. A "limitation" of the online scanner, it runs, it cleans & quarantines with no input from human user. Maybe I missed a settings switch in my excitement when it started from my admin user account. Now to find where it quarantined hosts to see what scanner saw.
And discovered the FS community help forum has some good articles. More knowledgeable today than yesterday, I am.
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