Problem ghost drive under "This PC" in Windows 10.

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ghost drive partition which cannot be deleted.
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unable to fix this issue on my own.
Oct 6, 2014
hello MT,

My drive has 2 partitions (C, D) and E: (optical drive).

Yesterday I saw a 0 byte partition (F drive listed in "This PC". I think it's a ghost drive and I have no idea how it appeared.

here are the screenshots of this ghost drive.

Also, this ghost drive (F drive doesn't appear in "Disk Management".

but there is one strange situation I have observed. Situation is like this:
Whenever I use VeraCrypt to mount a volume, say with drive letter Z: , there appears two drives; one is Z: (chosen by me in VeraCrypt) and other is F: (ghost drive too is mounted with same properties as for Z drive.

When I dismount all, Z: disappears instantly, and mounted F: drive returns to its inaccessible state after a right-click refresh.

I do not have any third party virtual CD/DVD ROM software installed on my computer.

I gather some information on the appearance of ghost drive and I think it is related to MS Office installation (click to run) but I installed MS office 2016 earlier this month and this ghost drive appeared just yesterday (or, a day before yesterday).

please help me on this issue.


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Mar 15, 2011
Windows 10
@Ashu Kumar : As I confirm from many research, its related to MS Office installation.

Have you try this link?

  • You will use Disk Management for assigning and removing the Drive letter
  • Engage with critical regedit script to remove the blank Partition Drive letter assigned