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I prefer air because (1) there's no risk of leaks and (2) air - especially OEM air provides some cooling for the heat sensitive/heat generating devices surrounding the CPU socket. These devices are often overlooked when using alternative cooling solutions.

Unless doing extreme overclocking, all water does is provide bragging rights.

While providing sufficient cooling is absolutely essential, that does not mean cooler is automatically better. As long as your temps sit comfortably within the normal operating range, you are fine. That is, a CPU running at 30°C cannot be expected to perform better, be more stable, or have a longer life expectancy than a CPU running at 50°C.


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cooler master pro 4 is a fine cooler and not very expensive. One friend bought it and is very happy with it.


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Hi guys I´ve build my pc like 2 months ago and Im not very happy with stock cooler (intel core i5-6500).
I´d like to know if this cooler is good "Cooler CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED" (Portuguese website but I think you can understand what product it is) and in case its not good I would like to you to recommend me a good one.
Sorry my english.
What amount were you planning to spend on a CPU cooler?