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Hardentools is a free open source program for the Microsoft Windows operating system that will harden the system by disabling features.

The Windows operating system ships with a broad range of features. Some of these features are enabled for compatibility reasons on all editions of Windows.

While these features have their uses in certain environments, Enterprise for instance, they may not be used by the majority of home users.

The main idea behind Hardentools is to turn off these features to make Windows more secure in the process.

Note: You need to make sure that you don't require the features that Hardentools disables on Windows, as you won't be able to use them afterwards anymore. Read on to find out which features get disabled when you run the tool.

Hardentools: make Windows more secure by disabling features - gHacks Tech News


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I'd say it's a great idea to protect people whom don't know how to disable these features themselves but I feel the ability to disable/re-enable these features one by one should be added so any compatibility issues that arise can be solved easily. Until then I probably wouldn't suggest running this on anyone's machine that doesn't know how to reactive them manually. (I'll probably run this on one or two of my family members machines that I'm in close proximity to so I can remedy any issues myself.)
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