Question Has anyone noticed a decrease in Kaspersky (quality) due to reduction of users?

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Mar 17, 2023
So I know that Kaspersky has their own cloud network of users to inform and watch for patterns of compromise or any new malware.

Since US GOV accused KAV of spying combined with the war in Ukraine, the number of KAV users have decreased over the past few years.

Thus, theoretically the responsiveness and accuracy of KAV should have suffered.

Has it suffered?


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Sep 7, 2021
If anything I would say it has actually improved in recent years. The initial release of the revamped product line (with Standard, Plus, and Premium editions) had quite a few issues and awkward UI limitations that have all been addressed now. Top notch product all around I would say.

System impact is minimal, on par with Eset on my system. Fewer bugs than Eset as well on my end, which I stopped using recently after so many issues with each release since 2023.

I also expected it to suffer in quality after the war and all the sanctions around it, but the outcome was the opposite.


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May 11, 2024
I can’t edit my previous reply so I will just add here.

Among I have used/tried, I think Kaspersky is the only one giving you real human feedback on sample submission. I submitted several times false negative/undetected samples and got feedback. For Avast of F-Secure, I don’t get feedback or verdicts on the samples I submitted, and there is one very undetected sample, has been 2 months since I submitted through their website and software itself, still not detected by avast.
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Jun 7, 2024
That's well known, but I mean, that doesn't really relate to the quality of their antivirus program itself imo. But that's covered here I believe, they acknowledged it and have pushed out a beta fix already, but there is a work-around that can be done in about 10 seconds to avoid this issues as has been posted: A month-old unsolvable VPN issiue for Kaspersky

Issues can happen to any company - but with this kind of hole-poking other companies may actually end up far far worse than kaspersky - i can only think of false positives I get from other AV suites, or the fact that they slow down my pc more than kaspersky.


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Feb 7, 2023
It’s not set in stone that the US ban will cause a reduction of users, telemetry, protection or performance.
Kaspersky has a marketing team and through various promotions they can get more users in Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA region).

Also, the reduction in telemetry will affect third-party vendors relying on Kaspersky feeds but will not affect home users with Kaspersky solutions where plenty of other layers are deployed as well.

Telemetry is only one source of threat information anyway.
Mar 4, 2022
I was worried about this, but I haven't seen any difference. Plus, Kaspersky's main strength is its behavioural protection, not its signatures, which isn't very affected by lost users.

Additionally, I don't see Kaspersky's user base decreasing by any significant amount. Kaspersky's market share in North America has been relatively small for years, most people still use Norton or McAfee. So a ban in the US shouldn't affect anything much. That is, if a ban happens, which isn't certain yet. Kaspersky could easily market more heavily in Europe, Asia or other markets to replace their lost North American subscribers.


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Jun 7, 2024
And if anything, I think I've seen the price move up a bit maybe? But I haven't really compared to competitor's prices...price has moved up to a combination of factors I assume

I believe the ban is North American wide though, but I think it only affects government institutions and affilicates? I think individuals in US can still buy kaspersky??? and private companies too i suppose?


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Jan 27, 2012
Their VPN has been acting up for the last few days. I can't even connect to the Kaspersky site if I am connect to their VPN :(
I just ran Kaspersky PC Speedup and it found that the VPN had nearly 7gb of temp and unused files. After the cleanup it runs fine and I now can reach the Kaspersky site okay :)
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Apr 28, 2015
Yes, this version of VPN is generating crash dumps, I'm also getting this bug every time I run it, but VPN after a while runs and working fine here when connecting.

I've being sending all those dumps to K. so I expect the next upcoming 21.18 already in beta testing fixes the problem, there is also a Patch A for the 21.17 also in beta testing.

You can delete manually all those crash dumps manually also.
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Jun 11, 2019
Has it suffered?
KSN is only one of the elements of protection (although quite important), but there are many other mechanisms, so that the level of protection will not be critically affected, as evidenced by the fact that the Kaspersky Standard received the title of "the best antivirus" from AV-Comparatives for the last (2023) year.

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