Advice Request HDD vs SSHD vs SSD

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What type of HDDs do you have?

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Feb 10, 2012
SSHD is fail hybrid technology

best way is SSD + HDD
SSD for
-heavy programs with big files/data like video and program to encode it

- Bulk data, music videos etc which you run sometimes or time to time which no need fast buffor


Level 9
Sep 22, 2016
Overall, SSD is the best option. I think it depends of what are you going to do with your computer. For example, in my PC, used by my family, I have a 1TB HDD, and Windows and all services work fine in terms of speed for common use. In my macbook pro (mid 2012), I changed the HDD, introducing a SanDisk Ultra II SSD , (480GB) and the performance improved a lot. I recommend to use a SSD for primary storage, actually, you can get one for a very good prize, and have an external drive to storage huge stuff, and make security backups (in my case I have a Samsung M3 1TB, now Maxtor, divided for files and Time Machine).


Level 18
Jun 14, 2015
You don't have an option for SSD only, which my laptop and wife's Surface have.

My next build may have a platter drive for backups only, depending on SSD prices; otherwise it will be SSD only.

It will be odd not hearing the whirr...

larry goes to church

Level 3
Mar 10, 2017
With the price difference now a days its not really needed in home PCs.

If you were writing to the HD often and continuously and you had a budget factor maybe as you might see a actual performance increase but you wont see it on a desktop.

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