Q&A Heard ZoneAlarm heavy on RAM--the AV or the firewall?

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Jan 27, 2017
ZoneAlarm hasn't really seen any major developments in awhile. The interface is soundly implanted into the early 2000's. The firewall will absolutely destroy the performance of a PC if you have a fast connection - 1000Mbps will push so much demand on ZA suite that it will choke out even a nice gaming rig.

ZA 'feels' a little weighty on a PC in my experience. But the biggest issue was their past implication in harvesting user telemetry and activities for those that installed it, even the free offering. This was quite a big controversy a few years ago. Honestly - for me once a firm does this they've largely destroyed any trust i would have in them.


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Jun 24, 2016
God... I tried ZoneAlarm Firewall back in the day and I liked the notifications, still uninstalled it because it turned my system slow (back when I had an old PC). Years have passed, and I have tried the firewall and the full suite on a brand new PC and it's resource consumption issue is still there. I will stay away for a while. As for it's technolgoy and protecion -no comments. I did a quick test on VM and it sucked.


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Aug 23, 2013
Im using ZA Firewall Pro. For me, its very lightweight, does not affect boot time, basically zero CPU usage, does not slow down your gaming performance. The full suite(extreme security) is very powerfull, but it does slow down the system a bit.

Well I thought we were reaching a consensus that the memory hog problems for which ZoneAlarm is reputed were stemming from the firewall rather than the anti-virus, but here's a very different take. Please keep the informed input coimg...
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Aug 21, 2018
Well, mostly i do like ZA Firewall Pro that it uses its own firewall driver, rather then basic windows own firewall driver. ZA Firewall driver starts way before windows own firewall driver. So early boot firewall protection is always good to have. Pro version does have some basic HIPS like component/service control(not enabled by default). You can test your Internet Security Suite against Atelier Firewall test. Its safe to install and run. Its signed(according to Symantec Endpoint Protection). Tests 1-4 are basic windows firewall tests, test 5 and 6 are basic tests for firewall and your "suite" HIPS. Firewall Tester (Free) | Atelier Web check especially test 5-6 which many firewalls fails. So basically you need a good firewall with HIPS or a "suite" with a HIPS.

Yes, i know im going to get replied/mugged by Gurus here hehe.

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