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I am really grateful that I found this forum. I'm retired and have been online since 2002, first computer ran Windows XP. Sites like this are a godsend to me, because I've been infected with malware more often than I care to admit. So frustrating! It's important to know how to rid oneself of this curse, which is why I'm glad to be a member here.


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A+, N+ many many years ago. Tore apart computers, built systems, wrote some minor C+ programs. Got involved in malware removal and reverse engineering. Now it's more of a hobby/side business. I don't think that I would ever get fully involved in IT. Too much of a career change. My first and primary love is medicine.

Marrgaret P.

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Hello, I arrived here after an long battle with conduit. I had my PC in for service and improvements and it still came back with conduit, I've been finding some good information online that seems helpful, and somehow I trailed over here and it looks like I can learn a lot from this site. I am a determined, DIY woman with my own tools and brain. I've dug through bins for the right hard drive at a price I could afford, I managed to salvage the documents/data from my old trashed drive, I'm still not sure how I pulled that one off, I installed the new drive and have done whatever needs to be done to keep my older PC and laptop running.

I am not an IT professional or student, I write fiction and other projects and need my PC and laptop to work well. Of course I dink around on the internet and have faced hijackings, Trojans, and the other crap out there when I was tired and I'll admit, I didn't read all the information on several occasions. I have a good feeling that this site will be helpful in teaching me to be even more cautious, and inform me of the most effective programs I can download to help avoid these problems in the future.


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Hi, I'm a retired scientist (medical, chemistry/pharmaceutical) who's always made & used computers, still does bits and pieces like developing MIDI (music) stuff on an Arduino, and tries to get others hooked on a possible pastime or career.

I gave an old XP machine to a 13-year old neighbour. He tried to download free games and promptly caught just about every nasty item available, including porn. His PC double-boots Lubuntu, but these distros still have a bit of a learning curve for routine maintenance, they don't have the right games (which doesn't bother his parents...), and some features keep reverting from FR to US without being asked. Perhaps they will become really mainstream very soon, because several countries are now using them for running government services. I'll be interested to see how the malware industry reacts to that.

I often download open source and other freeware, whenever possible from the original source, and am appalled by the difficulties. Deception is clearly involved in insinuating this malware, and because many people use their computers to earn a living, the economic consequences must be serious. Since this is illegal activity, whether or not and others have a website "up front", it's difficult to understand why our precious national security agencies don't use them, as it were, for target practice in their cyberwar activities.


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Personal Note:
It's completely optional whether you feel like participating in this topic.

. Why are you interested in IT/Technology/Malware/Software?

. What's your career job? If related to IT or any of the above, how did you get started?

. If a student, do you plan to work in the above-related fields in the future?

Just getting some insight about the IT Field from any who are part of it. :)


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I am a banker. Technology is a part of my daily life and routine. Though I do not take care of this part myself but it influences me and my team a lot. When I look upon to my colleagues in IT, the most rewarding and attractive trait to me is the facility to work from home.:p. I do not have access to this facilityo_O

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I'm thinking I might be the odd man out here, but... I'm interested in IT/tech mostly because the field I'm going into, which is ground level severe weather research. Because it's a pretty small field, and there's really no set rules or guidelines besides "Don't be that guy that makes all the other storm chasers look bad". I also have pretty severe carpal tunnel in my right hand, so I really started using tech heavily in order to make up for not being able to write. (For the record: statistics and calculus? Very tedious on the computer if you're switching back and forth between MathType and a word processor)

Well, you know how it is - add a program, then you tweak three. Dragon and my tablet (I use it as a less painful version of a mouse) kept eating up too much ram, and next thing you know? My second most used program is Revo Uninstaller.

But, yeah. Love tech and new toys :) Hoping I might pick up some tricks here that will help me out in the long run!

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I am not sure what got me into IT originally. I had a older friend that was always good with computers which I found quite impressive and its always to be able to help people out with stuff. Also i think when i began to realize that being a rockstar was not the best career choice I decided to go for IT as a career. I studied Computing and Music Technology at College. I am currently working at the UK Met Office as an IT practitioner.

EDIT: Why don't you tell us about yourself Earth???
Oops, looks like I'm not the only weather person on here then? :D Where in the UK are you?


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I just found this site when I was looking for ways to remove the V9 hijack from my computer. Your Instructions were exceptionally done with easy to follow instructions, completed with screen captures. Thank you. I don't know much about computer and hope I can learn from all the experts on this site.