Hello, what are your Interests? Do you have Dream Career, or Job Goals?


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May 11, 2013
My professional computer career started when i turned 18 and went into the army. A world opened up specially if you take into account that my education was ICT/ Informatics based. So thats what? 15 years of professional history.
Now i have my own company and i am still working freelance as security consultant and some other things lol for my old boss.
I did some pretty amazing projects and i am still doing it and you know what? i love it.
Short said i have done loads of things in my life did have many side jobs but computers have always been a clear line trough my life.
And so far serves me well. Every few months i re-educate myself and update myself to stay "tuned" and the list of certifications and such that obtained trough the years is, well lets say this if i ever run out of toilet paper i do not have to worry.
Fact is it does not matter if you are pro or amateur what does matter is how you use that knowledge which you picked up in the years.
Anyway i really cannot go into my job details and such as it would violate the various NDA's i have signed.
Needless to say i have been around computers since i knew how to turn them on and off.

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Well, my history is nothing new.

I've started with computers when i was just at 10 years old, in 2003. My mother bought me my first computer because of my uncle fault. He was an expert on computer hardware, and i was fascinated about what he was able to do. So, with my first computer i've started and trying to make the same thing's just like my uncle. Obviously, i didn't have no idea, so every time i was makeing my computer unusable, there was my uncle to give me a hand. The good part is that was how i've learned about computers. Obviously, you have to know about the software compatibility, careing the OS and learning about how to do that. So, all thoes lessons, i've get them by myself. Searching, unsleeped, and with alot of patience. Now, i don't know all the tecnical parts of no malware and no viruses, but i know his reactions, how it does it, and where to find his "heart". Well, not with all of them, but that's why i'm here.
So your 3 years older than me :D


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Aug 7, 2014
My name is Yasser. I need to explore this site a bit to get familiar with it. Any helpful info would be much appreciated.
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Tony Cole

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May 11, 2014
I'm no computer expert, but enjoy this forum and the things I know about computers I either a) learnt whilst at medical school, or b) taught myself. And I'm a Neurologist at King's College Hospital, London


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Aug 9, 2014
My name is Sam and I'm student of Technical University. This year I got bachelor degree from Informatics. I'm interested in programming in OOP languages like C# and Java, especially programming Android apps. I have found this GREAT website because I like fighting malware and I want to have my PC secured, so every 90 days I'm looking for some official 90 days trials of antivirus software and this website is the best source for it :)
My preferred security solutions are Kaspersky IS, Bitdefender IS and Avast IS. From the free solutions I like: 360 Internet Security and Comodo Internet Security due to its great sandbox technology and virtual kiosk
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Jul 31, 2014
This is 100% true..... I studied the A+ dumps online and passed the test, then studied Network+ dumps and passed it.

Then I studied all the MCSA dumps and passed 5 or 6 Microsoft certs and became an MCSA.

I knew very very little about networking. Sure I could build a PC but big deal.

So I send an app over fax with copies of all these certs to a company and they freaking hire me to be their IT manager.

No lie. I did not know what the hell to do but I accepted the job.

I had a salary and full benefits. This was in 2000 when certs mattered more than now.

Tom Jacob

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Aug 21, 2014
Who am I? Why am I here? I am a guy in IT who provides information to management and sales reps about the business. Forecast trends, sales and order history and the like. I use Oracle and MS Office Excel with database add-ins and MS Access. I write SQL but find the MS Access environment friendlier than MS SQL Management Studio.

Right now I'm on vacation screwing around with the company computer. That's what I do on vacation. I tried to mount the company PC's Windows 7 partition on my brand new "Dell 2350 All-in-One", loaded with Haswell i7's, and Windows 8.1. I should have used a backup utility because I upgraded the Windows 7 Recovery partition to Windows 8.1 (so the Windows 8.1 OS would recognize the Windows 7 OS?).

Does that make sense? Do any of you do stupid stuff like that? Having nothing to do on vacation but screw around with company property? Call me "Incompetent Geek" because I act on impulse without fully knowing what I'm doing. Taking unnecessary risks that create crises that take time out of my day to recover. I hope nobody at work recognizes this post.

So, I'm here learning about recovering a lost partition, and for the Ghost software so I can make a true backup. Because, even though I am a 20-YEAR-IT-VETERAN, I do stupid stuff like blowing up hard drives all the time. While at work, I learned how to use DiskPart to make a drive "unbootable". I hid in the cafeteria with a backup disk and a USB drive with boot information from a teammate's PC to recover the disk drive. I left early that day. At home, I repaired the boot sector with the Windows 7 installation disk.

Another teammate still harps about killing his PC 10-years ago (the PC was in intensive care). I tried to flash the bios on battery power [the power adapter did not work]. It was a race between the battery and BIOS. The battery won. He took the limp PC to the Geek Squad. "No", they said, "whoever did this to your PC ought to be in jail." They did not even try to fix it. The true IT geeks don't trust me. Do you blame them?.

How do I live with myself? How in the world do I still have a job in IT? Partly, I think, because of network resources such as Malware Tips who help people like me recover from stupidity, and hopefully before anybody at work finds out. I am thankful for this resource and the Ghost Software.


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Aug 21, 2014
Personal Note:
It's completely optional whether you feel like participating in this topic.

. Why are you interested in IT/Technology/Malware/Software?

. What's your career job? If related to IT or any of the above, how did you get started?

. If a student, do you plan to work in the above-related fields in the future?

Just getting some insight about the IT Field from any who are part of it. :)

I'm interested in everything, that's my trouble.
When i was asked as a child what i wanted to be when i grew up, i replied I want to be everything "But what do you want to do? he said, and I said: want to do everything !.... and it was so .....

I'm a Jack of all trades and professional at none. But i can put my hand to everything and the more fiddly it is, the better.
I wont buy what I can make ....... and i can make anything :rolleyes:

So I love typing out batch files even though I hardly know what I''m doing .... its intriguing and i have to learn everything about that and it has to be 'my perfect' ... then when i have cracked it, i move on to my next 'thing'

My job is a world apart from all of this: I work in Arena's, Theatres, festivals all around the north west of England and sometimes venture down into the midlands where I'm from originally (now living in north Wales)

I pamper to the needs of the 'sometimes' dreadful & sometimes surprisingly nice 'Rich and famous'. .. Bands, solo artists and occasionally the odd Comedienne ... if he or she is very publicly known, he can fill an Arena ... Like Eddie Izzard?
But mostly bands and singers.

Oh I do go on when I start.....


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Aug 23, 2014
I signed up for a computer programming class at school to learn more about, well computers! On the first day, which was 3 days ago, my teacher said we'd be learning Swift instead. And now I'm a bit annoyed because I don't want to learn about how to make an app for Apple. But because my teacher isn't teaching me computer programming, it just makes me more interested in this field.
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Aug 25, 2014
I, as an introverted kid my earlier years, have always found computer science fascinating. I got my first computer in the early 90's, when I was eleven. Later, in the mid 90's, I grew extremely attracted of computer science. In 1994, I wanted to learn more about computers, so I bought my first C++ book. the C++ Programming Language. After that, I grew even more fasinated and learnt, eventually, Python, Java, .Net, C, C#, etc., although it was difficult to learn while in Highschool. :)

I got my computer science degree (BS) in 2000. Immediately I applied for Modis, in Paris. Since 2006, I've been interested in helping others removing malware, repairing their PC and tech support. In my part time, I spend my time learning obscure, but nonetheless useful languages like COBOL, Assembly (I know only bits and bytes of it, unfortunately, I am unable to reverse-engineer. If only C was considered Assembly...), Perl, and Pascal.
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Karol Kurczuk

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Aug 26, 2014
I'm interested in the IT industry because I think it is a very important branch of of computer science needed practically every day.
I'm an unemployed jobseeker, from time to time provide service of computers for their friends for a small fee, I finished my studies in cultural profile, currently writing thesis on "Claude Lanzmann's Shoah as an important document of the Holocaust"

Once again, welcome and greet the heat from the Polish.
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