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It's completely optional whether you feel like participating in this topic.

. Why are you interested in IT/Technology/Malware/Software?

. What's your career job? If related to IT or any of the above, how did you get started?

. If a student, do you plan to work in the above-related fields in the future?

Just getting some insight about the IT Field from any who are part of it. :)

It all began for me in high school (DCHS). I was enrolling for high school. I was given a brochure for all the "Vo-Tech" (Vocational Technical) classes that were available, as that would "help me get a better job and entrance to a college". I was immediately drawn to Desktop Publishing. It had a description on it with something to the effect of using Mac computers to do all things publishing related, etc.. I was drawn to this rather than Drafting, "Using The PC". This was the earliest 90's. I had no idea the difference in the two computers then.
This started what would now be a life long addiction. {No I am not an "iTard". I recommend Mac or Hack Laptops/Desktops. iPods for portable music. I only recommend Android for Phones & Tablets!} I got my first computer in 1992 an Apple Performa 400 (aka LCII). Had a Whopping 68030@16MHz?, 4MB Ram, 80MB-HD, and 512KB Video Ram! What a beast! lol I have had many computers Mac and "PC Based" over the years. I now have a custom built one. looking back I would have never imagined having what I have now. I would have thought it to be a Government Type or even Alien computer.
I went to college for a degree in computer networking. I have had many jobs over the years. The majority of them in "Call Centers". I now currently have a Small Home Business - Computer Repair, Maintenance, Support and Networking.
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Hello Everyone
Thanks for the Google translation. I took Russian in college (many years ago), but I was still able to understand it and your translation confirmed it. Sometimes I turn on Google translation to Russian to see if I can still understand it.

Computers have been part of my life since my baby days. My dad worked for IBM in the early days. He helped set up NORAD. He had some fun stories, like the time they made an image of Santa and the reindeer go across the screens. It did not go over well with the top brass.

Thomas J. Watson (IBM founder) gave me my first Christmas present as a baby. My mother says he had to have picked it out himself, as it was the ugliest stuffed dog you could never imagine. No secretary would have chosen it if she wanted to keep her job.

Now I teach computer literacy and repair computers. When my son and I build computers, my daughter says its more fun than watching a movie! (Put in parts, take them out to put in other parts and then put the first parts back in. Repeat....Repeat......)
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I started my interest in computers when I had a subject back in college, BASIC then FORTRAN. After that, I started collecting computer magazines. Even learned assembly language just by reading. Right now my bread and butter is Graphic Editing (Retouching) but I'm still fascinated with Malware Removal. Not really an exact science but I'm still learning new things and adding little bits of knowledge everyday.

I manage a small coin-operated internet shop and I do accept PC repairs and Malware Removal services

Anish Balan

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hai ,everybody,thanks for adding me to this program i,m interested in this session about avast ,looking forward to get qualified.
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I got into Security due to the amount of malware infections I would get on my system all the time.

[Edited this after I saw the original post... Sorry Umbra! (your post below now doesn't make much sense). Why are all the posts I made on this forum when I joined either embarrassing or pointless... :D ].
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Lol i feel like a retard when i read this above post ^^

I got my first PC at 20 years old ^^ (it was 20 years ago by the way hehe)
Feeling archaic. My first PC was way back Jan 28, 1993. Yeah still remember the date. Don't know anything about .NET, maybe they use that to catch fish, i don't know? Maybe @kram7750 can debug my crappy scripts.


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Well, my history is nothing new.

I've started with computers when i was just at 10 years old, in 2003. My mother bought me my first computer because of my uncle fault. He was an expert on computer hardware, and i was fascinated about what he was able to do. So, with my first computer i've started and trying to make the same thing's just like my uncle. Obviously, i didn't have no idea, so every time i was makeing my computer unusable, there was my uncle to give me a hand. The good part is that was how i've learned about computers. Obviously, you have to know about the software compatibility, careing the OS and learning about how to do that. So, all thoes lessons, i've get them by myself. Searching, unsleeped, and with alot of patience. Now, i don't know all the tecnical parts of no malware and no viruses, but i know his reactions, how it does it, and where to find his "heart". Well, not with all of them, but that's why i'm here.