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I dont know these things are relating together or not but everything still fine until few days ago :
1. I started getting pop-ups from my Avast Antivirus indicating that it was blocking a connection that was infected with URL:Mal , it's run around svchost.exe, chrome.exe, mbamtray.exe
2. Along with the URL:Mal, I can't finish scan with Avast and Emergency Kit, it's stopped working and not responding on around 90%.
3. And the biggest thing is if I turn on my computer and just use the simple task like Chrome - no problem, but:
- if I start the antivirus program (Malware bytes , avast,...) and keep it a while ( few minutes)---> its window not responding.
- if I sometime just right click on any file ---> window not responding
And then if I choose Yes to close these task on not responding window, try to restart or shutdown the computer ---> Stucking in logging off screen and I have to hold power button to turn off. :(
I also ran a number of malware removal programs, including MalwareBytes, Hitman Pro, Emsisoft Emergency Kit and another program ( including in Safemode too ) and quarantine all results but nothing change , these problem stll here .

I've attached these things and can u check it and I hope you can check it and help me , thanks