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Herby Dank

Level 1
G'day everyone, new guy here.

Recently decided to upgrade security of my PC and so I have been looking around for opinions and reviews. I found some good video reviews here but needed an account to view those and that's how I ended up here. Hopefully I'll learn something from you guys. :)

This is a really cool place and I'm glad to be here.


Level 37
Welcome @Herby Dank, and thank you for joining.
We hope you shall continue to enjoy all that MalwareTips offers, and that you'll fully embrace the forums as your "Happy Habit".:cool:

..and although it's easy to become engaged here to the point of forgetting the :oops:hour do remember to get enough sleep:confused: for it is one more often forgotten:rolleyes: layer of security too!:D
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