Hi, I'm from
North America
Age group
21 to 29 years old
Last known PC infection
It's the reason I joined the forum
Favourite web browser
Google Chrome
Favourite mobile OS
Custom-Android ROM
Favourite desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite antivirus
Favourite videogame(s)
Minecraft, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Dead by Daylight, Sims 4, BTD5, Rainbow 6 Siege, Among Us


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Um, I don't really know what to write here, so I'll make my introduction short on how I came upon this site. I originally came upon this site trying to look for a malwarebytes giveaway on google. Why I was searching for that? Welp, I had security issue with my Windows Defender that wouldn't remove a file I had in my downloads folder that I deleted a while ago (don't know how long, probably a couple of months ago?). I decided to re-download malwarebytes to remove the threat (I originally uninstalled it a couple of months ago because my license expired). Apparently after scanning, I found out I had no threats and it was just Windows Defender giving me a false positive of a file that doesn't exist on my computer anymore. I was worried more threats would come again in the future, so I decided to look for alternatives that were free after my subscription period was over and found that all the free versions were not good, so I only stuck with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes (free version with limited use). That concludes my reason for arriving here. :)

A little thing about me:
I wouldn't say I'm an expert on tech-stuff, but I do have general knowledge on it. I'm currently self learning modern c++ and java. I know basic HTML and CSS (learned in middle school and highschool). My favorite color is green and purple. I love food and drinking mocha! I also love playing games and watching people play them, as well as watching movies and Asian drama's. I'm a big fan of romance, comedy, and fantasy novels (includes: web-novels, manhwa, manga, manhua, and webtoons). I love hip-hop, pop, ballads, R&B, and instrumental music. Rock is a hit or miss with me. But I do occasionally listen to it. :coffee:


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The interesting thing about MT is that sometimes the topic of off-picking goes beyond security.
I don't know much about the technical knowledge, but I can enjoy enough with MT. I think you can experience a lot of fun and encounters.
Please enjoy!