Battle HitmanPro or Malwarebytes?

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Oct 4, 2013
I am using both as said above and happy with the results to so if one misses the other can take care of it as the things changes so fast in today's cyber world that you cannot rely only on one be safe then too late ;)
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Dec 6, 2014
Hi, I signed up because I really wanted to reply to this forum. I personally use both mbam and hitman pro (trial of course). But I also use other programs for a complete virus removal service. I start with adwcleaner and JRT (junkware removal tool), then use ninite to download avast, mbam, SAS, and firefox (so people quit using the "big E" lol), also download and run Ccleaner, and I set each PC for high performance and remove any animations/fades from the performance menu. Then I run hitman pro, followed by mbam, then SAS, and most of the time they are good to go.

For really bad systems, I run avast, and for the worst systems ever I will run either/or all: Avast boot time scan, hitman pro kickstart, Norton Power Eraser, RogueKiller, TDSSkiller, and I know theres more but cant think off hand.

After I am done, I remove all programs except Avast, mbam, and ccleaner. :)

Holla, would love to know if people use my strategy, what people think, and also what your plan of action is to doing a virus removal!

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Sep 7, 2014
Holla, would love to know if people use my strategy, what people think, and also what your plan of action is to doing a virus removal!

Hey Will! I start with Malwarebytes Root kit. Then AdwCcleaner. Then Malwarebytes. Then ESET on line scanner. Then MSE safety scanner.Then JTR. Then Microsoft Malicious Tool Remover.
There are a ton of good on line scanners. Just find 2or3 you are comfortable with. My suggestion for what it's worth; is to always start with a Root Kit scanner. I like Malwarebytes Root Kit. The best plan is to let TwinHeadedEagal clean your PC. Surf safely and don't get infected.;)Always have a back up image of your OS on a external HD . You can have as many on line scanners as you want, but only one Anti-Virus running in real time.
PS Also remember on line scanners some times find FP's, so make sure to check them out with a program like VirusTotal!
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Mar 15, 2011
Well personally these two products are great starting match ups against intensive threats even which MBAM provides lots of features like FileAssasin and Chameleon followed by HMP where kickstart and force breach mode; therefore both have unique components that can help for a user.
Aug 25, 2014
Hitman Pro can have false positives. MBAM has stopped becoming the "Threat-killer" (since at least version 2.0) and is focusing on more stability. Hitman Pro once detected my kernel32.dll as malware (I am not sure why...), as I've got a degree in CS, I made a back-up copy of it and reverse-engineered it, and found nothing suspicious. Had I been ignorant enough, I'd have deleted it. It's not recommended for beginners.


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May 6, 2014
Frankly speaking, both are "niche" software with their own specialty. Both their detection rates tend towards the better side of the antivirus market, though from my own experience HitmanPro is slightly better thanks to Kaspersky and Bitdefender engines. However, I will now list their specialty for you to decide for yourself which is more suited for you.

Malwarebytes's niche is that it is superb at catching adware and other "joke" programs. Also, its malware removal capability is one of the best in the field. It does not (usually) leave non-executable/registry traces of malware, unlike almost all the other programs. Hence, it is favoured by most people who do malware removal. I will choose malware bytes if I was helping someone remove malware from their personal computers

However, Hitman Pro is an excellent tool at incidence response/forensic. I will personally use it in companies or incidents where I have to trace the attack and try to patch up the issues which allowed the malware into the system in the first place. This is because it has some lesser known features that allow such a trace. The only other antivirus that I know have such a feature is trend micro. For example, if I find a malware on my system with HitmanPro, I can trace how it has ended up on my system, say for example, from a Java exploit on XXX site.


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Nov 13, 2014
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool are one of the best on the market for malware removal.
Malwarebytes will likely catch something that all other will miss. Malwarebytes is specialized for malware removal.
Hitman Pro uses multiple engines. Hitman Pro will likely catch something that your AV will miss. It's also specialized for malware removal.
If you suspect that you are infected use both - double check.
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Mar 1, 2013
Neither MBAM nor Hitmanpro.. I have more better options than these two. That is 360 TS... Lightweight,powerful,high detection rate. Even in evry test of trojan,malware on MT shown 360TS having better detection that these two. So I dont need of these two..
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