Battle HitmanPro or Malwarebytes?

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Mar 1, 2013
@maanastr I didn't realise you considered 360 Total Security an on-demand scanner, "Which on-demand scanner is more effective against malware?" :D So, if you were using Windows 8.1 with Windows Defender, which would you use MBAM or HMP? :cool:
Brother I am not considering 360 as on-demand scanner. As per my personal opinion, I dont need these two on demand scanners, If I am having 360TS. Because I compared 360TS with MBAM and Hitmanpro on one my friend's infected system. These two found only 15 and 20 infection each whereas 360TS find more than 100 infection excluding FP. ;):cool::cool: Also see various trojan,malware test results in Malware Hub forum. MABAM and Hitman, showing below average score everytime ;);)...:eek:..:rolleyes:

So,If I were using Windows defender,I would definitely prefer 360Ts over WD,by excluding these two.:D:D
( This is my personal opinion based on my experiences )


Level 85
Mar 15, 2011
hitmanpro as use cloud engine only cannot scan pc in offline mode . :confused:

Yes, but there's a feature called Early Warning Score where can scan in offline mode but uses aggressive heuristic detection and behavior for a files to be detected therefore for advance/experience users only. ;)
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