Question How many browsers you have installed on your desktop computer?


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Apr 1, 2019
Maybe some of you may change your mind as to what browser to use after you read this:

Updates - Comparing the Network Behavior of Popular Browsers on First-Run
They did a similar review last year. Of course Brave is going to look good in this respect. However if you use google or M$ services, then these are hardly malicious behaviors of browsers. The scaremongering of 'privacy' related services and applications is becoming obnoxious. The most interesting one is Firefox since they don't run their own services yet have the most connections.


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Apr 24, 2016

ForgottenSeer 85179

Not worried about what @Digmor Crusher posted ?
No as this doesn't matter.
As Windows user, Microsoft already get some data. Sharing important data like in a Browser with another vendor just decrease privacy and is theater. Connection numbers at startup aren't important as they're used for different tasks.

And of course, a test on the part of Brave, Brave lists as the best.

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