Q&A How many times a day you shut down your PC?


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May 3, 2015
I turn it off whenever I'm not using it for more than a few minutes. The computer boots fast enough and I see no reason to keep it on consuming energy when it's not in use. Never had any problem for turning on/off multiple times a day.

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Aug 12, 2015
Do you tend to avoid shutting down to avoid the hassle of startup time?
If so, the situation will change depending on whether you are using ssd or hdd. I'm using ssd, so startup times don't bother me much. Hibernation is disabled to avoid writing.
I just hibernate my laptop. It has HDD and the laptop is fast (suprisingly); the only thing that's slow is boot. And I don't feel like waiting a minute or so every day.

I'm also not willing to buy an SSD for a laptop that's 6 years old and close to death. I had to open it two times to change the display and to change the CMOS battery. But I will make sure my next laptop has SSD and at least 1 TB HDD.
It's the ultimate solution when you want to shutdown, but Windows decides to "configure updates" instead.

Simply disconnect the power cable. Job done.

Nothing breaks because it loads up perfectly fine, on the next boot.
Lucky you! Last time I turned off my PC while it said not to turn off, I had to reinstall Windows completely.

Now I have a different approach: I install the updates as soon as possible to avoid installing them later when I'll need the laptop. In case of the problems, I just uninstall the update and pause the updates until the problem is fixed. Fortunatuely, I rarely encouter problems with Windows Updates.
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Sep 23, 2019
Another Dumb question: How Do You Wake It Up Again?
It should only lock your computer, not put it to sleep.
If for some reason your computer has gone to sleep (check power plan settings for sleep timeout interval) you can try waking it up by:
  • Moving the mouse or clicking a mouse button.
  • Pressing a key on the keyboard.
  • Pressing the power button quickly (don't hold it down).


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Jan 4, 2020
I turn my computer off every night, when I go to bed, no sense burning electricity when it is not being used, and gives it a chance to rest, during the day ,when I am not using it, I just tell it to go to sleep, I can do that from across the room, just say Hey Cortana, Computer sleep..and it goes to sleep until I touch the keyboard again..I can turn it off the same way “ Hey Cortana, Computer Off “ and it will shut down, and I go to bed……..


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Jun 26, 2020
I turn my computer off, many times, when I know I am not using it for a while I just turn I'm off.
Your computer is a small vacuum cleaner, when is on is just pumping air and dust inside and producing heat. Turn off the PC when you're not using them, will prolong is life, less heat, less dust, less degradation off moving parts. :)


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Jul 22, 2016
I shut down my laptop before going to sleep, and use hibernation during the day which is extremely fast. I agree with other members a computer on all the time is a waste of energy. Consider the average laptop consumption is between 20-50 W and desktop computers 80- 150 W, multiply these figures for the number of computers in the world, around 2 billion, the result is a staggering figure. Granted they are not all on all the time, but even a third of them would be an enormous and unnecessary waste of energy.