Guide How to easily add block rules for any .exe in windows firewall.

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First start out with Firewall App Blocker, save it to your desktop. Then install Everything Search Engine.

You can simply drag the icon of a program it into the GUI of FAB, that you do not wish to connect to the internet.


Secondly you can use the Everything Search Engine, and your right click menu. First of all you will need to open FAB and go under options, then select Add to exe context menu.


Second step is to open the everything search engine, lets say you want to disable sppsvc.exe from communicating with M$.

After you have the everything search engine open, you can simply type sppsvc into the search window.


You would simply then right click on the .exe and select block in windows firewall.


Another way you can do this is simply type .exe into the Everything Search Window, then scroll all of your .exe and block the ones that you choose via a right click.


To disable the rule in the firewall, you would simply need to uncheck it in the FAB GUI, then click on the

Of course this can be done manually, but it is a bit more time consuming and frustrating for the average user.


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Firewall App Blocker not been updated since 2014

Yes but it indeed does work, My first test was blocking CCleaner. Used to prompt me to update to a newer version when I opened, now not so much.

if you uninstall it, then,do the rules remain?

I am unsure if they remain or not, it is a portable app so it uses no resources. I just put it in my documents folder it really is not a bother.
I am afraid to uninstall it since I have used it to set so many rules in my firewall... When I can test I will let you know, or perhaps you could give it a go. Set it to block something then uninstall it, see if the rule is still in place.


I think that the rules stay, if you look in the site. The pic below someone else ask the same question as you.

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Thanks friend :)

When you download it from Software Download Page ,you get a portable soft. In fact I do not know if there is an installer version

I created rules for an application, and then I close the program and I deleted it from my hard drive. I restarted my system ... and the rule remains. ;)

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