How to hide randomized advertisements or placeholders with two simple user rules

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Sometimes you will see advertisements or empty place holders on websites which are not blocked by adblockers


When your mouse is on the add or place holder, simply RIGHT CLICK and choose INSPECT those elements, you will notice that they have a randomized CLASS or ID in their name


This will prevent the uBO selector and AG "Block ads" to generate a rule which will last (it will only block once).

When it is a CLASS, simply add the rule
Code:[class*=""logical name"]
meaning hide HTML dividers with a CLASS containing (*) the text in quotes

When it is an ID, simply add the rule
Code:[id*="logical name"]
meaning hide HTML dividers with a ID containing (*) the text in quotes

So in this example it would be
because a part of the selector always contains "top1-container" now this advertisement placeholder will be hidden
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Apr 21, 2016
Thanks for sharing these user rules. It's a great way to block persistent ads or placeholders that adblockers miss. Remember to replace "" and "logical name" with the actual domain and class/id name you want to block.

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Sorry some typo's corrected (can't edit the post anymore)
Code:[class*="logical name"]

and the example

The rule for ID was correct
Code:[id*="logical name"]

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