Malware Analysis Hunting Insider Threats on the Dark Web


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Aug 17, 2017
Insider threats are a serious and growing problem. According to recent research, malicious employees contribute to 20% of incidents and the attacks that insiders are involved in are, on average, 10 times larger than those conducted by external actors. Further data (PDF) has shown an increase in insider threat attacks over the past two years, as the risk has been exacerbated by the remote working through the pandemic. To minimize insider threats, all organizations should monitor marketplaces, forums, and social media channels for chatter about their company. This helps them to spot the early warning signs of an imminent attack, such as cybercriminals looking for insider knowledge, or disgruntled employees making unsavory comments. This monitoring must also extend to the Dark Web, as this is a gold mine for cybercriminal reconnaissance on organizations, because threat actors believe that they're out of the reach of law enforcement and cybersecurity teams.
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Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
Dark Web: Enter at your own risk, curiosity killed the cat, As the article says "This is a growing problem" Its just not fair I was surfing the dark web at work and it caught a virus The boss has no compassion ,They should of had better security, its not my fault the devil made me do it. Thanks for the Article BryanB
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