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Well if you think of it this way back in 2005-2010 we got charged for antivirus software we didn't have all these "free options" We had avg back then. They had no rootkit detection in free version which was useless in the windows XP days. We still got charged for antivirus software that would fail just like todays. at least now we don't have to pay to be "protected" today if we get infected we just embrace the "suck"


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Unfortunately the world isn't a good place so I take reasonable precautions to prevent data loss & snooping - If I'd taken better precautions in other departments I wouldn't have 4 children & 8 grandchildren & lots of in-laws, a bit of paranoia there may have been a good idea - Never had an infection at large I'm aware of since I started using PC's :):):)


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If by 'good' you mean a world without crime, it'd depend on how this crimeless society is maintained as to whether I choose to run security software or not.
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I will certainly introduce security software to make sure I am safe.

This is an interesting discussion for the Japanese. Is defense necessary in an attack-free world? No conclusion has been reached in Japan yet.