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Oct 22, 2018
I've got a similar issue although I'm fairly sure mine is with the ISP. It's been happening for roughly the last month, at random times. This isn't a single computer issue. I've got a new ASUS with Win 11 Home, an elderly HP with Win 10 Pro, and another HP with Win 7 Pro. All go down at the same time for few seconds, minutes or even longer. The WiFi just shuts off.

A technician from my ISP has reprogrammed the router, been to the house and checked cable, etc. Nothing wrong. It's got to be on their end to effect 3 computers, all with different if similar OSs.

*Additional* I have had it shut down my smartphone service as well. Landline has never failed. The ISP is also my landline phone company.
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Apr 21, 2016
It indeed seems like an ISP issue if all devices are losing connection simultaneously. However, consider checking your router's firmware for updates or try using a different router to rule out any hardware issues. Also, monitor the connection during different times of the day to see if there's a pattern. If the problem persists, insist your ISP investigate further.
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