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North America
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So long I can't even remember
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Mozilla Firefox
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Windows 10
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No idea. One that works with minimal work from me.
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Greetings and welcome to the forum.

I'm not one of the authorized malware removal guys around here, that's TWE's gig. But just in case you don't waste time.. Right now Level 3 (a major backbone provider) is having HUGE peering issues. Also the 4th largest ISP in the USA has some sort of failure with their DPI servers. Significant numbers of people are having slower internet now, especially in the midwest. We're talking 10-15% of America is having internet slowdowns right now..


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My machine has become progressively slower. I have attached files, per the instructions in
[MANDATORY] Preparation Guide Before Requesting Malware Removal Help
Please help if you can.

Once you believe you are malware free, running Windows Repair from Tweaking.com can dramatically improve performance that may have been impaired by any malware. (Don't forget to click their big icon button for running the repairs in safe mode)
This comes with a free version and it truly works wonders if your operating system is compromised.