[BET POLL] By what margin will the 2017 IS/TS suite winner beat the 2nd place?

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Norton Security Premium & KIS

BDTS still slows down my network and internet access a problem that's been unresolved since 2014/15. So it's not in my top 2 list.

I am happier with NSP (includes online backup, has great support and is rock solid) than either of the abovementioned products. And the renewal price Symantec offered me (3 years, 10 devices) back in '15 made it a far more sensible option. All that said it's probably gonna be Emsisoft when I renew mid '18. :) Lets see.


Level 18
The 2 best in my opinion as well as Comodo IS. I don't think any other internet security or total security comes close to those 3. In my opinion Norton can only hope to be as good as those three in the consumer market.
Some say that Emsisoft is an overrated product due to its lower score in the recent AV-Comparatives Real-world test results for November 2017. However, I disagree due to the reason that that test was focused primarily for URL filtering. Emsi has good signatures and a superior Behavior Blocker to compensate for its imperfect url protection/web filtering.


Level 12
Kaspersky or Avira best ratio....... while i dont have trus of this spying software by RUS so i will go Avira or F-Secure which is also nice.

Emisoft have poor ratio its only good becasue have nice bahavior blocked wich work more like anii-exe and block from up all unknow exe but not mean it know what is virused......

But from my Side i preffer do custom build which is more effective and more light.
SSFW/Appguard + SD/Sandboxie + SecureAPlus or swap 1st thing with scotty bundle <3


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So the final results for the nominations are out, thanks to all for your votes. :) The Top 5 highlighted products will finally contest in the next phase for the Internet/Total Security Suite of the Year 2017. Do vote in the poll and let's see who all wins the bet :D
Product (Votes)
Kaspersky (21)
Emsisoft (11)
ESET (11)
BitDefender (5)
G-Data (3)

Comodo (2)
Norton (2)
Avast (1)
Avira (1)
F-Secure (1)


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Well, since we're talking about suites. There's no doubt to me it's... Kaspersky Internet Security... Reason is miles away from any other suite.