Do you like the scrolling news/tech bar?

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Hello guys,
As you may have already noticed, we have added scroll bar on the top of the forum. In this bar, you will be able to find the latest security news, tech stories and other similar subjects.
We have added 44 feeds from very well known and reputable websites, so this should keep things fresh.

A little notice (thanks to @MrXidus ), if you are using Adblock with the default subscription list you should be fine, however if you are using the Fanboy subscription, then you might not be able to see it. You can whitelist (as we do not show any ads) if you wish to use the additional subscriptions and still be able to see scrolling bar.

Hopefully you will like this new addition, and find it useful.
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I would suggest you to add Previous & Next button which would give the user to see the whats the next new & Can see the what was the previous news.


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Good thing I caught the poll and the bit about ABP since I had no idea it was there - it registers as an ad like many other sites' non-ads. You have my 'like' :)
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