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What's new in IObit Malware Fighter PRO?

Improved Engine for Smart Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan
Adopted with IObit's unique "Dual-Core" engine and improved program core structure, IObit Malware Fighter is now available for delivering more comprehensive and deeper system scan to find the deepest infections, and finally remove or quarantine them, protecting your PC from more security threats and privacy compromises.

Brand new & easy-to-use interface
An intuitive and neat design was successfully brought to IObit Malware Fighter that provides you with four major entrances in the main interface, which lead you to the four major functions as following, "Overview", "Scan", "Protect" and "Cloud". This brand new interface gives you an open-and-shut view with all the details.

Enhanced real-time protection
IObit Malware Fighter provides you with ultimate anti-malware and real-time protection, including "Startup Guard", "Browser Guard", "Network Guard", "File Guard", "Cookie Guard", "Process Guard", "USD Disk Guard" and "Malicious Action Guard", which keeps your computer stay secure all the time.

Creative Cloud Computing Technology
IObit Cloud uses the latest Cloud Computing technology and Heuristic Analyzing mechanic to analyze the behavior of spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, hijackers and other security-related risks in a fully automated mode.


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If I were to do a test video with this vs MBAM, Honestly how do you think it would go lol...?


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After the incident they had with stealing Malwarebytes Database they need a new product name and get rid of IObit Security 360 since it had a bad reputation,
Search results everywhere come up with the incident, Malware Fighter IMO was done to cover that up and try a fresh start. Future buyers won't know but atleast many do such as WOTs community,


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A paid version of the recent crapware we all love, Malware Fighter. iObit needs to give up, at least on security products. They're rep was destroyed after the story with MBAM.


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elliotcroft said:
endejan said:
They're rep was destroyed after the story with MBAM.
Which they are trying to rebuild, though evidently without avail.
They can try all they want, but that issue won't be resolved within one year (especially if they keep releasing crapware like this). The damage is done, there's not much iObit can do for the time being to rebuild they're community and rep, it's they're own fault and I don't feel sorry about them at all.