If in doubt, check its source code. 7-zip is an opensource software audited by thousands of developer, to assure its quality, and to prevent any malware or virus. Every change to its source code must be approved, from its version control system. There have been virus in some open-source software, it has happened few time, but most of the time, its because of the version control system was compromised, not because the software is bad. The same already happened with closed source software from big company. If the version control system is compromised, or the server that host the file is compromised, the the hacker can put whatever file he want instead of the real software (server compromised case) or alter the source code ( version control system compromised case).

This is also why many opensource software (and some closed source software) also give you a checksum, so you can verify if the file was also altered during the download, either corrupt, or man in the middle attack.


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Compare the MD5/SHA-1, 7-zip is a safe program however there's a history about the developers background became questionable (AFAIK) which why the program itself may considered suspicious.


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@roger_m: Yes I know :), its a pure false positive; maybe there are some connection from possible allegations which why it rated to be malware without any due process.

Regardless the two program are known to provide possible high rate of erroneous result.


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If the two detections on VT would have been Kaspersky and Bitdefender, or some other vendors with a good reputation, I would worry a little.

I find this quite a harsh answer , to be completely be hounest. not everyone is confident when it comes to computing! the op just wants to be sure and he has a right to ask it here.....better be safe than sorry!!!
the original poster was 100% right in asking his question. If others are more knowledgeable, they are welcome to share their knowledge in a respectful manner.
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Even my grandpa knows 7 zip is safe:p there is no reason to ask.
the op has many posts like this.
Every day ppl open topics and ask for smth when the answer is already into the forum.
they are lazy to do some search for their problems.that's why I'm rude :rolleyes:
The op should search the google first!
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there are more! make her/him self into the trouble
IM one of those guys that ask many questions but before that, I do some search and try for what i want.
BUT if I didn't find my Answer then I will ask... but i do not open a topic for every question I have I just ask it in PV or somewhere.