Q&A Is it okay to use MS Office 2007 in 2020?

Evjl's Rain

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Apr 18, 2016
yes, perfectly fine.
However, you need to block the inbound connections of office apps using windows firewall and use syshardener, or similar apps, to block all vulnerable elements of office (scripts, macros, activeX, OLE,...)
more aggressively, you can block both inbound and outbound connections with firewall + with 1 option in settings

Andy Ful

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Dec 23, 2014
Even if you will use all methods from this thread to harden Word 2007 (Word tweaks, firewall rules, etc.), then it would be still insufficient. They do not prevent in-memory exploits. For example, the known vulnerability related to the equation editor was patched by Microsoft only if you installed the Service Pack 3 for the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite. Some other exploits can be not patched, because Word 2007 is officially not supported by Microsoft. Any Word exploit opens the possibility of using fileless methods, so you have to harden the system against scripts and popular LOLBins. This can be done by properly configuring Anti-exe, SRP, etc. This way is appropriate only for users who have to use MS Word.

My conclusion remains the same, you will spend more time thinking about securing MS Word 2007, than adapting to something else (simpler and safer). :)