The paranoid one

I see that ReHips is a great tool, a bit complicated to understand at the first time, but it looks really reliable.
The "problem" is that I do not know with which to accompany it, I think all the possible accompaniments may be OverKill, but I like having more than one defensive line.

So, I do not know whether to accompany it from an AV with BB - I think mainly on BitDefender - or a cloud antivirus - SecureAplus without Clam AV - or an antiramsomware - Appcheck, whether to have activated or not WD ... Too much confusion o_O
Sure, I could have it all at the same time, ReHIPS + SAP + WD + BD free + Appcheck, well, no, I do not think so :unsure:
As you can see, I want to try out ReHIPS, but I do not know how to do it, I see that there are very few, if any, shared settings, so it is for me the most difficult learning curve.

Thanks in advance


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I like to have this config(if I was not using Eset)
Q360(also sandbox the browser with their sandbox)+Rehips+Hard_Configurator +simplewall so i have everything to keep my windows safe:notworthy:
Consider that Q360 is not that bad because those zero-day samples wil never hit us.
Where they come from? email or what? I never saw one of them lol


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SAP does two things:
1 anti-exe
2 multi-cloud AV

ReHIPS does anti-exe better than SAP does.
The SAP multi-cloud is not a strong enough reason on its own to install the program.
So forget about SAP.

To complement ReHIPS, use an AV (on Windows 10, WD is good) and a firewall (for example, binisoft windows firewall control).