Level 2
OK i use the brave browser which comes with a Tor component. Kaspersky keeps warning me:

So i'm in the process of setting an exclusion. I wish i knew which kaspersky module keeps picking it up because I would like to only exclude that portion especially considering if you are browsing on Tor you want to be ultra safe rather than exclude it from everything. Any know which module(s) i need to exclude?


Level 20
I've had a similar issue in the past what ever I excluded eventually KIS would still do it's own thing - A small business operated by a close relative use some very rare & specialist tools to do with power calculation etc were flagged as malicious & whatever I did KIS had it's way in the end, long after I left - Eventually I installed ESET on the PC they ran these tools on & just used this PC - I contacted support to see if I was missing something, seems I wasn't, this was a year ago so things might have changed? KIS still the best IMO.