tim one

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Malware Hunter
Yes, KAF doesn't have BB but in addition to the signatures, it should detect imports used by the malware functions (heuristic malware scan). Surely this scanning can bring some false positives but in some cases it is quite efficient.

BB is great but really few free products use an advanced behavioral protection, Avast is one of them.

Fred Cohen already showed, many years ago, that the detection of the malware is an unsolvable problem. This means that there is not an algorithm that absolutely can decide if a program is malware or not.


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Hi, everyone ! Are Kaspersky now available in Indonesia ? I tried it some time ago and it's showing that the license is expired and i can't do anything even if i logged in to my account so i uninstalled it :)
interesting, but I have no problem here, ive just added Kaspersky Free alongside with CFW, it works like a charm, Surabaya here