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Kaspersky Internet Security 2019
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Installation Feedback
Installation is pretty easy. It requires admin rights elevation for correct install, only once. Then it will do all the process in the background and after installed will prompt for a couple of extra configurations steps. All you need to do is tick some boxes and you're ready to go. You will need to update the database upon first execution and this may take a little while.
Interface (UI)
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Interface Feedback
I think this interface is one of the best GUI in the market. It's clean, intuitive, and gives you quick access to the most important things you need. Something I do not like is the More Tools button which gives you a couple of "ocassionally" used tools, which could be more hidden where. It has a screw on the bottom which accesses you to the configuration menu, and this is very easy to understand and use. You can tweak the whole software by only reading each box, and it's also very documented if you choose to go to the web.
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Usability Feedback
It's just simple. All you need to know and do is correctly displayed, alerts, notifications. If you need to make a quick or full scan, a context scan, if you need to check quarantine. Hardly you will need to check youtube or forums in order to guess how to make something work. The software is very stable, has very few visible bugs, and makes almost all the work on its own. You can just install, tweak and forget.
Nevertheless, you need to be careful, because using it on default settings can offer pretty weak protection. And it's recommended to run a full scan upon installation, which usually takes a while (quick scans are recommended once a week or month).
The tray icon lets you open the GUI, run a database update, pause protection, open a couple of tools and open the settings. Altough this is more than enough, I would love the possibility to perform a quick scan directly from the tray icon.
Performance and System Impact
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Performance and System Impact Feedback
Kaspersky has been for a long time a synonym for resource eater and a pain in the RAM. Nevertheless, and at least since 2017 version this has changed drastically for most hardware. I hardly notice it nowadays.

When gaming: I feel no FPS drop nor lagging
Common tasks:
-Launching a program: almost unnoticeable slowdown
-Opening File Explorer or document: immediately
-Downloading files: different than WD, after it's downloaded it's immediately accesible if you configure by "scan at execution"
-Browsing the internet: can be a pain if you let KIS inject the browser. Can disable this.

Booting is really fast, although WD let me boot a bit faster.

Something I don't like. Immediately after boot, if you try to open KIS GUI it takes a couple of large seconds to load. This, despite probably not true, gives me a false sense that I'm not protected or the driver is not loaded until it's correctly displayed.

The only fact that can complicate resources a bit is when Kaspersky is handling a threat, this can elevate the resource consuming.
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Protection Feedback
I personally configure Kaspersky to be robust and light, scanning each file upon execution and only if it has been modified. This gives me quick response time when executing files or programs.

If correctly tweaked, I believe KIS can offer the best protection at this moment.

-One of the biggest and fastest databases, with almost immediate support to integrate new hashes
-System Watcher which is the core module, transmitting info to vulnerability protection, ransomware attack attempts, and voiding malicious actions
-Application Control is, I believe, the best module it has, allowing (if correctly configured) to deny execution of unstrusted files (know untrusted as unknown files without a valid signature found on the Trusted Vendor List). This can seriously minimize the infection risk, since no malicious unknown code would be even able to take place.
-Malicious actions rollback is another interesting function that can outperform the worst malware, recovering the damage dealt.
-Trusted Application Mode will act as an anti-executable kind-of module, and gives a really interesting point of view in security terms.

When talking about 0-day malware, usually you wouldn't need to worry if you have configured TAM or AC correctly, since payloads wouldn't be able to launch.

Sadly, the firewall isn't much of an interactive module. No notifications, but you do have a list of programs for which you can decide wether to allow or deny connection, which is usually tied to decide by the Application Control module and the trust zone each file is in. For example, a signed software developed by a Trusted Vendor would usually be catalogued as trusted software, therefore would be given full internet access. Anyways, you can void this by manually revoking internet permissions.

Obs.: Application Control module can be tricky sometimes for begginner users, since it will block software and give a basic Windows execution error, and will not even tell it's because if has been blocked to execute. You would need to manually enter the module and search for the restricted software, then change the trust group and run it again.
Real-time file system protection
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Internet Surf protection
4.00 star(s)
Proactive Intrusion protection
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Network protection
4.00 star(s)
  1. Lots of great features
  2. Highly configurable
  3. Easy to use
  4. Simple and non-intrusive
  5. Ransomware protection
  6. Strong and reliable protection
  7. Blocks even brand new malware
  8. Consistently high test scores
  9. Accurate and reliable antivirus engine
  10. Virus signatures are updated very often
  11. Excellent scores in independent tests
  12. Great value
  13. Features you can't get elsewhere for free
  14. Effective malware removal
  15. Well designed, clear interface
  16. Multiple layers of protection
  1. Short on configuration options
  2. Limited web protection
  3. Scans can be rather slow
  4. Can be complex in some situations
  5. Can slow down your browsing speed
Software installed on computer
More than 1 year
Computer specs
Acer Predator Helios 300:

Intel Core i7 7700HQ
GTX 1060 6GB
256GB secondary SSD
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  1. All types of users
Overall Rating
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Jun 24, 2016

Kaspersky is probably one of the most known security companies around the world, loved by some and not so much by others.

I hereby share with you my experience with it. I also invite you to take a look at my Light Configuration Thread for this product, where I share with you the best configuration possible to achieve the maximum protection, along with the lightest resource consuming, making your system fast, stable, and secure. (it includes lots of product's screenshots as well!)

I seriously think Kaspersky Internet Security is one, if not the best, and most robust security software, including a huge malware database, almost instant threat response, and insanely useful modules such as System Watcher and Application Control, which can create a kind-of default deny enviroment, making sure no suspicious or unwanted software is even executed at first or second ground.

Interesting Q&A about KIS

1. Why Kaspersky?
Kaspersky is definitely a market leader, with huge experience on the cybersecurity area and innovation, winning multiple awards and prizes for the great protection it can offer.

2. Can I use it on my old PC?
Well, stop right there DINOSAUR. It stricly depends. Old computers, those which still use XP, will have lots of problems with Kaspersky and any security software, due to logic reason. Now, if we talk about low-end PC's, like those with 2GB of RAM or antique processors, I would suggest not to use Kaspersky. Nevertheless, remember it's always a trying thing. Use free trials to test your system's response.

3. Which is the ideal public/audience/customer for Kaspersky?
I would say anybody. If you use your PC for banking, for social media, if you're an online streamer, if you work with Autocad/Photoshop, or if you just game. I do all these at the same time. Never an issue.

4. What about the price?
Kasperksy is actually very affordable. You can access to cheap licenses on the web, just make sure it's legit and legal. Lots of deals are launched every week. Make sure to grab one!

5. What's the meaning of life?
Although I don't know the answer for that one, I certainly assume it's "live to mock Panda for being a terrible product". (but praise Panda animals)

What do you think about this software? Do you use it or recommend it?​


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Apr 1, 2019
I was considering leaving some feedback with the new posting system on some software, but this puts anything I would write to shame! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience good sir!


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Jun 24, 2016
I was considering leaving some feedback with the new posting system on some software, but this puts anything I would write to shame! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience good sir!
Hey mate! Thanks for your words! Do not fear to post your review! It's not about who shares the best feedback, but about everybody giving their experience! No one should be guided by one single opinion! Plus, this is just what I've lived personally, and I could have made it better but I'm lazy :p


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Aug 15, 2018
@RoboMan Fantastic post friend. Keeping the US- Russia controversy aside, hands down KIS is among the top security suites for the money. Kaspersky and ESET are among the top ones out there, although I would say in terms of protection Kaspersky wins hands down. I use KIS in my family PC since last six months and this PC is used by all the members. TAM is ON and I have yet to see any malware get past it. It's basically set and forget. I use ESET on my gaming rig and although it's much lighter than Kaspersky the BB is nowhere near as close to KIS. Advanced users may like ESET better since it can be customised and the firewall is better than KIS. But as a complete suite KIS would be my first choice followed by ESET.

Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
Great software,Only one I do not feel needs extra layer of protection,one thing I do not like is it has a slow start up and often I get a windows notification before it starts,besides that I have Eset on my other machine and because of some poor results{test sites} run it along side voodoshield, Kasperskys,anti-banner and software updater work great, no doubt Trusted program, also password manager works on Edge browser, which many others do not


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Mar 16, 2019
I've long been a Kaspersky fan and still am. But I was facing two issue with both Kaspersky Free & Kaspersky Secure Cloud Free 2019. They were causing high disk usage after startup lasting 3-5 minutes. That bothered me a lot. Later, I won a Emsisoft license here on a giveaway and using it since.


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May 26, 2014
Very nice review my friend, I am a Kaspersky fan since version 6.0 and I think it is one of the few antivirus solutions that deserve to have our money.

Version 2019 has fixed almost all quirks that I had with it on the past, so it is nearly a perfect solution for me (and now with the old K icon and pig squeal sound :ROFLMAO:).

Evjl's Rain

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Apr 18, 2016
hi, what do you mean "Limited web protection"?
Kaspersky has one of the best web protection module in the industry with great heuristics against new sites
it can block hidden scripts in a website, not limited to the URL

My extra feedbacks:
- Firewall bug: easily lose internet connection if you don't know what you're doing. It's not easy to use and quite buggy if you try play with it
- Scan mode doesn't really do what you want: if you set scan "On execution", KIS still scans all files in a folder without clicking on them => similar to WD. Somehow, it's still faster than the Smart Mode
- Temporary caches are wiped after a reboot => KIS scans files again as above
- Some compatibility issues: like NPE
- Average PUP protection
- Some certificate issues with browsers
- Exclusion settings are confusing. Sometimes, it doesn't exclude the file. You must be very specific in order for it to correctly exclude the file
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