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Kaspersky will not. Ever. Work on any 1Gbps connection. I suspect the reason is, in Russia the average connection is sub-40Mbps. I highly doubt they've even tested the product over 500Mbps. :ROFLMAO:

Consider running Cylance w/Syshardener, then put a malware blocking DNS entry in your router, add a good extension to your browser and call it a day and enjoy the goodness of 900-1000Mbps.
Will try it, thanks. I have HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin, I also hardened the latest firefox in about:config like with this:

security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation = true
security.ssl.treat_unsafe_negotiation_as_broken = true
media.webspeech.synth.enable = false
and like 10 more other settings.

Now on my VPN I got much better speeds.
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I'm with @Slyguy. Cylance+Heimdal+Syshardener+Osarmor has been amazing.
How do I install this Heimdal thing? The 30-day free home trial version? They say somewhere it's really a no-nonsense sign-up process.
I downloaded the msi installer and ran it. It said something like it's only for one PC, like I've already gotten one but how?
I have never even visited their site before.

I read about one of this Heimdal's key feature which is network monitoring that is supposed to monitor your internet traffic
and actively protect your network endpoints from suspicious and malicious activity.
Sounds interesting. I just wanted to try it to see how it works with 1 gbps speed.

But you cannot remove malware from your computer with it, nor can you scan your computer for viruses in a traditional sense
of AV. Not a big deal. My browsing habits are not that crazy. I'm not used to just clicking on pop-ups or links willy-nilly.
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Yes, but I'm also a technical moron.

After a while.. ok, I got it, sorry. I'm a bit slow on the uptake ( but I can shoot straight right off the bat like dead gum navy seal 6:))). I read their intructions:))
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