Kaspersky Internet Security vs ESET Smart Security

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Thanks for the explanation n.nvt . KIS does settle in and get a lot more responsive, I had experienced that but didn't know why. It is not the same animal a month after installation versus a few hours. I didn't expect it to last when I installed it but it's not going anywhere now. It is the first security suite I've installed and couldn't tell it was there by computer performance. Not looking at numbers just doing what I have to do.


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I'm going to quote one of my good friend (and highly knowledgeable person) here :
Polymath 1.0' pid='41520111' dateline='1406681755 said:
Kaspersky arguably is the best :smile: It employs multiple scanning engines, has the best zero day implementation of new threats and detection rates, low false positive reporting, its' heuristics analysis is highly accurate at in the wild detection of suspect code before being identified as a threat by other less sophisticated scanners. It is also capable of opening and hence scanning within more packed file types than any other offering thereby preventing problems before the fact. When coupled with its' superior sandboxing firewall then it is a no brainer as to its' merits. The reason some short sighted folks pass on it is not due to other offerings being better, but rather Kaspersky because it employs multiple scanning engines and a process sandboxing firewall is a tad heavier on resource usage. Trading a few more processor cycles for an inferior solution is hardly a reason to use another a/v if one is contemplating a paid solution. Additionally Kaspersky is often less expensive than all the other paid crap.

I believe we are already of the same mind as to Kaspersky's merits, I just gave you ammunition :blackhat:

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please tell me where I can buy KIS or ESS for those prices, thanks.
Try FlipKart.com

I am really a ESET Fan,
ESET Smart Security is software made in such a way that a Basic User to a Great Advanced User can use it,
ESET Firewall is completely not-intrusive firewall (No Never Notification)
Every Security Suite has 3 parts AV + FW + Extra Features.
ESET's AV part is too awesome due to which it perform a lot great in the test, but PUP Detection & AMS is working too good.
In Short ESET AV part is awesome but when you test ESET with a great amount of Malware & different ways tha i would think ESET will not perform the best but yes it will perform Pretty Good.

ESET is awesome just because of its great Detection Rate & Small Size Heuristics Engine, I am really impressed that ESET Company is able to manage too less FP's with the Heuristics Engine.

Kaspersky's Detection is something which is not too good but other than that every thing awesome.

Really I guess to maintain No Slow Down they are trying reducing the level protection they can offer.
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Eset is better because :
Performance ( system rensponse, start up etc...)
Detection of Potentially Unwanted Programs (the best you can get in the market today)
Easy of use.

Eset also is far cheaper (at least in my country)


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What would you say about Kaspersky 2015 compared to ESET? It's supposed to be lighter than 2014 and some say it's not as good as the 2014 version.
I personally cannot choose of these two.


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Eset is better because :
Performance ( system rensponse, start up etc...)
Detection of Potentially Unwanted Programs (the best you can get in the market today)
Easy of use.

Eset also is far cheaper (at least in my country)
yes kaspersky is expensive than another.

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I'll try and not be bias since ESET is my favourite antivirus as well as my current one. ;)

System Impact: ESS seems to be much lighter than KIS but the 2015 edition of KIS seems so be lighter than the previous 2014 edition. I love how ESS will load all it's signatures into RAM for faster access.

Protection: I feel as if KIS will get the edge since they got a really strong firewall, proactive defence and their application control. ESS has it's HIPS but by default it's set to automatic which is basically almost useless and will let everything in but ESS does have a nice heuristic engine.

Features: KIS seems to have quite a few more features than ESS does but I guess ESET is trying to make their product less bloated and is straight to the point. I do however, like the feature in ESS which will remind you of critical windows updates that need to be downloaded and installed.

GUI: I'm not a fan of the metro interfaces so I would have to give this to ESS. Their interface functions just fine for me, even if it is in need of a UI refresh.

Overall: Both are amazing products and provide great protection but I just like ESET better so I would have to go with ESS.


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I have trialed them all over many many years :)
It just feels comfortable on all configs i've used it on.


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I use ESET both Antivirus or Smart Security on my pc from long time ago, when I had a severe infection and NOD32 fixed it like a charm.
An amazing feature I like is the integration with the web browser and system without toolbar or plugins, so that also if I use an unknown web browser like qtweb or others I can still rely on full web access, parental control and phishing protection.
Also on old netbooks and workstations works well.
I won't switch to any other AV solution till I have a good reason to do so.
ESET is also installed on my Android phone (also if it is a bit useless ;) but helps me protect my phone from phishing)
Stay safe!!
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