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I wonder whether anyone could help.

LibreOffice Writer Portable ( ), when open, but Unused, freezes, after a short while.

In other words, if you open LibreOffice Writer, and use it, everything works fine.

However, as soon as you stop using it – let’s say for about five minutes, sometimes even less – when you go back to working on the document, you’ll find out that it has frozen. You need to exit LibreOffice, and then open it again.

I tried Google, but nothing seems to come up.

Any idea??

In advance, thank you very much for your kind assistance

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Odd. I ran LibreOffice 6.4 and earlier (no portable) for years, often leaving it open for long periods and never had a problem. I've since gone back to my old MS Office 2007 which works well on Win 8.1 Pro and removed LibreOffice. Never saw a post anywhere mentioning it freezing.


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you may (or may not) be interested.

Perhaps, I found a makeshift mitigation (NOT a solution) for the problem.

On the top right hand side corner of LibreOffice’s window, use the “Maximize/Resize” icon (NOT the “Minimize” one).

First reduce and then maximize the size of Writer’s document --- or the other way round.

Not sure why, but it “Unfreezes” the LibreOffice document.

I hope it helps those who experience the same problem.

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I had this exact same problem 2 days ago 3 times in a row. I'm using the standard, non portable version. They really need to fix this ASAP.