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* : - it works now! (after some trouble times ..)
- I adopted it, it's very good and secure!

'Privacy - Zeekly searches the web's best resources (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Youtube, iTunes, etc) and provides this information to you in a safe and secure environment that protects your privacy. Contrary to most internet search engines, we do not store a history of your search activity (search terms & sites visited), and our site is running on 2048-bit SSL encryption to insure your web searches are private and protected from others.'

'Zeekly was started on August 1, 2013 as a direct result of the revelations from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden that all of the large search engines and tech companies are giving their data to the government. On their home page, Zeekly tells you they do not collect or store any metadata on users whatsoever. The philosophy is that if you don’t have the data, it can’t be confiscated even with a court order, so Zeekly chooses to not store it. Furthermore, like IxQuick, Zeekly also provides high level SSL encryption to insure your data isn’t intercepted by cell phone companies and/or internet providers when you are using the site. Zeekly pulls results from all of the web’s best sites and displays them to you in a safe & secure environment. This is a company who is serious about protecting your data from the government, and is solely why the company was founded.'
- this quote from : : Internet Search Engines – How They Stack Up For Protecting Your Privacy Against Government Spying :

Zeekly IP Lookup (IP:
IP Address:
Organization: Microsoft Hosting
ISP: Microsoft Corporation
- from :


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- Hmm, for the last some days, Zeekly works no more ..: Error when connecting to:

EDIT September 14, 2014: Zeekly has returned, works now.


@@exterminator20, and Huracan: your Disconnect Search works nicely, thank you! Nice metallized skin by IE!

Disconnect Search Webpage version : - you're able to change the search engine to:
- Google
- Bing
- Yahoo
.. but not for Blekko, which is dead for now, I see ..

Look our topic:
Disconnect Search :
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'duck duck go. there growing to be really big and don't track you :) '

- yes Oldman, look on the first post of this topic - you have DDG link too!

Thank you!


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I see that this application works no more .. but it's interesting project ..

* Google Cache Browser version 3.0 (Google cache browser proxy page - on :!
It would inject himself into cached page, catch all click on links and redirect you to cached versions of page they point to.
Detailled description here:

- and our topic here: Google Cache Browser 3.0 (Web-based) :
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Added in the first topic's Post:

* Google custom by here : - Get classic 3D logo design page, nice!
Google homepage with old logo design :
The Flat Logos SUCKS! Google, Microsoft .. :

* Google Logo Maker : on : - but no Translate button .. and is powered by Google Custom Search, so no 'cached' button.
And then Google page:

Create with this awesome Google Logo Maker .. examples:

Malwaretips search:
Venustus search (yes, cause we search our friend here ..):