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Hi i want to ask you. Now i take a time to changue my passwords, check my accounts and mantain my passwords. But i want to know about mail clients. In this times are really useful?, Are a security risk? If i have my mail password stored in a password manager . Using a mail client are insecure?

Now i recently use mailbird is a real good software but i think
If store passwords in browser are unsecure Store mail passwords in mail clients are unsecure too
What do you think?


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With something like Thunderbird you can have complete control of how your mail is handled and can choose to input your passwords from Keepass or KeepassXC if you wished?


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Among the free mail clients that I've used which are many......

I've found eMClient to be the best in terms of the features. The only restriction here is that the free version allows only 2 accounts.

Inky might be the most intuitive mail client I've seen. It's pretty sleek.

Thunderbird is another good one that is totally free and has a wide array of features. So it's a good alternative to eMClient if you use more than 2 accounts.

MailBird is good and has a pretty nice interface but it's Search function is pretty bad.


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Webmail is intrinsically more secure because most of the time you are opening attachments in the web interface and not on your system.
As soon as attachments are downloaded to your system, there is a security risk involved.

Mailbird is nice, as email clients go, but it has a bug that it does not download heavy attachments, even if you set it to download everything. It will skip the heavy attachments no matter what you do.

The paranoid one

Nylas free is really amazing.
I use it on Linux and Windows. It's nice, easy, it hasn't account limitations. I think if you try this email client you will love it