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Apr 17, 2020
Secure and private email | Mailfence encrypted email service I know use this as my email provider and recommend it! This is an email update I got from them and they now have dark mode.

As another year starts, we pause to reflect on what we’ve achieved in these challenging times and are happy to share with you some of our objectives for the year ahead.

2021 flew by and despite the challenging environment, we can look back at a great year with lots of developments and improvements as well as lots of growth and traction.
So what happened in 2021?

  • Signups to Mailfence have once again doubled versus previous year and keep on increasing !
  • We are incredibly excited to share with you the partnership with Thunderbird we signed in the beginning of the year. Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client with more than 20 million users. With this integration, Thunderbird users can create a Mailfence email address in a few seconds directly from Thunderbird.
  • 2021 was also a year of activism in order to fight for a better and safer internet. Mailfence and other European tech firms urged the EU parliament not to lower data protection levels in the EU. We also joined a broad coalition of consumer rights organizations, civil rights groups, NGOs and privacy experts in their call on regulators to stop the privacy-hostile practices related to surveillance-based advertising.
  • If you want to find out about some new features, check out our dedicated blog posts about our April Release and November Release. Security is one of our core priorities. We work hard to provide our users the most secure and private experience when using Mailfence. Over the past years, we released several new features to improve the security of all Mailfence users. From DANE to MTA-STS, WKD and VKS, learn more on some of our security improvements to keep your data safe.
  • We launched a new look & feel and website.
  • Last but not least, we are excited to have welcomed some great new talents.
What will 2022 bring us?

  • In our opinion, technology can and should be a force for good. We see it as our responsibility to make a service that does not base its business model on advertising and attention grabbing, as explained in our post about Big Tech. You can count on us to continue developing a service without tracking and advertising and with respect for your privacy.
  • We are planning to launch many exciting new features in 2022, such as: connection history overview (already available), dark mode (already available), FIDO2 Authentication, encrypted folders and much more. Some of them we had planned to release already last year, but due to our growth we chose to put resources on scalability and most of all security.
Thank you to all of you for making this possible by supporting us via premium subscriptions, sharing the word and joining us in this fight for a more secure and private internet. We wish you an enjoyable, happy and purposeful 2022.

And this from their sign up page:

Privacy is a right, not a feature​

No tracking​

No ads, no spams, no trackers, no solicitations, no backdoor, free from government surveillance.

Privacy protection​

State of the art security features protect your email privacy at all times.

Encryption is the answer​


Encryption happens in the browser. It is impossible for anyone (including us) to read your emails along the line. Fully inter-operable with any OpenPGP service.

Digital signatures​

Your digitally signed email guarantees the recipient that it has been sent by you and only you. There is no way of faking the sender address.


Create, import, publish and manage OpenPGP keys easily. Nothing to install. We offer full control and total freedom.

Legal protection​

Belgian privacy protection law is strong. Only local judges can request information and they must have a court order. It rarely happens.
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