Level 3
I have an external HDD with many partitions.
I want to use one of these partitions as an emergency bootable rescue disk, full of utilities, toolkits etc (for Windows 10).

Many of the "all in one" software out there (like Hiren), they work with USB sticks, cd/dvd etc. And I haven't found one that works in external HDD partitions.
Also, many of those "all in one" software seem to be old, abandoned, not updated etc.

So please, I'll appreciate any information related to updated "all in one" software, which also can work in external HDD partitions.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Level 4
They do work with external HDD. But you're gonna need software like Easy2Boot, AIO Boot or Ventoy to create bootable rescue disk on external HDD. Traditional USB boot maker like Rufus won't cut it.
I made one using Easy2Boot a few years ago just to satisfy my curiosity but I always prefer using flash drive. It's better to have a smaller flash drive dedicated for this purpose because it's less cumbersome and you don't risk yourself of losing your precious data due to malware infection or technical issues.