Video Malware bypass Comodo Firewall @ CS settings

Av Gurus

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Sep 22, 2014
Windows 10
I know about that (I even have 2 reg files on my PC, one is Enable and other is Disable that reg options) but for my it is a little pain in the A**, because I have some portable APP which don't work with that setup so I must every time turn ON/OFF that, but for others is a very good security options.


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Dec 29, 2014
Qihoo 360
Appreciate the effort everybody put in this thread. Went back and reread the posts. Hope Comodo looks into trust and refines/hardens their view of trust within the TVL and with the files list. I feel like the program would be easier to understand if there were fewer options for a user to introduce trust into the Files List. Especially this is true for unsigned files and executables...I mean Comodo products could surely hard and fast create "Unrecognized" Allow rules for unsigned if user wants to run them (or "Unrecognized" block rules if user wants to block). Also, user could easily then reference which unsigned are being allowed through the container with a simple add on from Comodo...any unsigned and uncontained or otherwise "Unrecognized" by Comodo together in one window. This could be extended to include allowed command lines. The great thing is that other protections ideally could remain in place or be set to be in place (i.e. HIPS doesn't trust unsigned period) and Heuristics is always on the job. O/C there is firewall. Thx for good information everyone.
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